Manufacturing videos explore job opportunities in “advanced” environment

A picture is worth 10,000 words

When it comes to fulfilling careers, there are many ways to win. One of the most promising avenues to success in Bedford County is advanced manufacturing.

This was the focus of two new video productions, one targeting 9th grade students, the other aimed at manufacturers. The videos were premiered before an audience attending the Bedford County Commissioners meeting this fall.

The videos are highly polished vehicles that tell the compelling story of the many manufacturing opportunities available in Bedford County.

“These videos are first rate. They show that manufacturing has entered an exciting new period, particularly in Bedford County, said Bo Pratt, chair, Bedford County Development Association.  “These videos paint an accurate picture of how manufacturing should now be seen as a professional endeavor that requires a finely tuned skill set, one that has many rewards for those who enter the field.”

The new videos are an example of the levels of cooperation that exist in the Bedford County economic development community. The funding and production of the videos were the result of cooperative efforts between the BCDA, the Bedford County Commissioners, the Bedford County Technical Center and numerous Bedford County manufacturers.“They say that a picture is worth a thousand words,” said Bette Slayton, president of the BCDA. “But in this case, I think these pictures are worth more than ten thousand words. They effectively tell the story of the excellent programs that are available to students seeking a prosperous future, and the manufacturers that are looking for a skilled and trained workforce.”One video, titled “Your Future, Your Way,” makes a powerful case for careers in manufacturing.
Making it even more appealing is the fact that it was hosted and narrated by BCTC graduate Katerina Warren.The second video, “A Combination That Can’t Be Beat,” extols the many virtues of the training programs available to current members of the workforce.

A year ago, David DiPasquale, administrative director of the Bedford County Technical Center, received news that the Appalachian Regional Commission was awarding $200,000 in funding that was used to enhance the Tech Center’s manufacturing teaching infrastructure.

Launched in time to celebrate Pennsylvania Manufacturing Week, the videos let manufacturers know that their concerns about a well-trained workforce are being addressed.

Wix Pix Productions, a regional leader in visual communication, professionally produced the videos.