Health Care

Healthcare in the Bedford County region is among the best in Pennsylvania.  World class facilities are within easy reach and the local medical community is among the most qualified and highly-trained groups to be found anywhere on the east coast.

Advanced technologies are regularly introduced to the area, and enable the local medical community to keep abreast of the latest, and most effective medical practices.

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UPMC Bedford Memorial Hospital is an integral part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, an award-winning institution that takes pride in its comprehensive State-of-the-Art care.

UPMC Bedford Memorial is an acute care general hospital with units for medical, surgical, obstetrical, intensive care, coronary care, and telemetry services, and offers a variety of diagnostic capabilities, including CT scan, MRI, and lithotripsy. The hospital also operates a cardiac-pulmonary rehabilitation program, an outpatient procedure unit, and an ambulatory surgical unit. The emergency facilities include 24-hour, in-house coverage by Emergency Medicine physicians, a licensed heliport for emergency transport, and trauma center affiliation.

UPMC Bedford Memorial is supported by a fine active medical staff representing many disciplines. The medical staff is augmented by specialists who travel to Bedford County to hold regular office hours at the Specialty Services Area and to provide inpatient consultations, thus bringing a wide range of professional medical services to the community.

Within a short drive you’ll find wonderful healthcare facilities at Conemaugh Health System in Johnstown, a perennial powerhouse in care and service, and the Altoona Regional Health System with its impressive record of success.