MDL achieves ISO 14001 Certification

A company dedicated to a clean environment and quality of life

Doug Lingsch, MDL, Representative Jesse Topper, Mike Turzai, Speaker of the House
Doug Lingsch, MDL, Representative Jesse Topper, Mike Turzai, Speaker of the House

The Bedford County economic development community takes great pride in the quality of its manufacturing firms and the world-class workforce that they employ.

Now, there is even more reason to be proud of one Bedford County manufacturer — MDL Manufacturing.

MDL announced that it has achieved certification in ISO 14001, demonstrating that it is an excellent corporate citizen that not only cares about the environment, but also is willing to do something to improve it.

The ISO 4001 certification is earned by attaining exacting standards of excellence in environmental management.

Doug Lingsch, MDL president and CEO, explained that the process represented not only a significant dollar investment, but also a deep dedication on the part of the company and its workforce. He said that completing the certification process cost the company about $40,000.

Doug Lingsch, MDL Cosen band saw
Doug Lingsch, MDL Cosen band saw

“To meet the certification standards we are re-configuring what we do internally,” Lingsch stated. “We also hired a consultant to help in writing the standards that helped us meet the ISO 14001 requirements.”

The effort to meet the goals of the certification included an 8-month long process that meant organization-wide training. MDL employees were fully engaged in the certification.

“We are trying to recycle more, which is one of the things required by ISO 14001. That includes all metals, paper, and plastic. We are aiming for zero waste to the landfill,” said Lingsch.

There are clear advantages to manufacturers that are ISO 14001 certified. “First, we are stating to our customers that we want to do the right thing for the environment,” said Lingsch. “We have a management team that wants to do what’s best.”

Lingsch noted that many European companies are moving toward the ISO 14001 certification. “For example, Volvo Truck told us they would not use our company as a supplier unless we were ISO 14001 certified,” said Lingsch. “Europe leads the charge with this. So many companies there are strict when it comes to the environment.”

While MDL Manufacturing has met the ISO 9001 quality certification standards, the 14001 certification makes a strong statement that the company is truly dedication to its mission of a limited footprint on the environment.

“We hope and expect that this process will mean additional business. For example, we hope to market our services to companies like Caterpillar and Westinghouse,” said Lingsch.

The impetus to engage in the ISO 14001 process came from an article that Lingsch read in the Wall Street Journal. “It was about Hershey Company’s zero waste to the landfill,” Lingsch said. “They have multiple plants throughout the United States without sending a single dumpster to the landfill. We wanted to emulate that. I thought it was amazing.”

Bo Pratt, Chair of the Board of the Bedford County Development Association, congratulated MDL on its new certification. “MDL is leading the way in protecting the environment,” Pratt said, “This is excellent corporate leadership, demonstrating that MDL is a responsible corporate citizen in Bedford County. I fully expect other Bedford County companies to learn from the MDL efforts. The company is serious about maintaining — and improving — the quality of life in Bedford County.”

“This is the first part of the process,” Lingsch explained. “It does cost money and takes time and commitment to meet the ISO 14001 standards. “We will slowly chip away at it. It is a continuous, never-ending process. We will continually be looking to improve.”