Green Leaf Medical ushers in an exciting new industry to Bedford County

Phil Goldberg, CEO Green Leaf Medical, LLC addresses business leaders at the BCDA Annual Meeting.
Phil Goldberg, CEO Green Leaf Medical, LLC addresses business leaders at the BCDA Annual Meeting.

The 2018 announcement that Green Leaf Medical was approved for a license to be a grower-processor of medical cannabis business in Bedford County was tremendous news for the county.

In addition to introducing an exciting new business to the region, Green Leaf will renovate and occupy the former Seton Building in Saxton.  The 274,000 sq. ft. facility had been closed for ten years.

At the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Bedford County Development Association, Green Leaf CEO Philip Goldberg, delivered a spirited keynote address to over 100 Bedford County business leaders.

“Green Leaf Medical is a multi-state operator of medical cannabis,” Goldberg said. “Green Leaf Medical is a multi-state operator of medical cannabis production and retail facilities.  We currently hold licenses in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio with licenses pending in Virginia and New Jersey as well,” Goldberg said.

While in college, Goldberg witnessed a friend’s pain relief and appetite stimulation when she used medical cannabis for treating cancer.  He believes that there are many misunderstandings related to the use of cannabis. Perhaps the most important fact is that only one component of the plant –THC — produces the hallucinogenic effects normally associated with marijuana.

“What do I mean when I say Medical Cannabis is a Therapeutic Option?  Cannabis has become a new option for patients suffering from ailments for which traditional treatment approaches have either failed or the side effects are so severe that continuing on the medication is not possible.  Two good examples are seizure disorders and chronic pain,” noted Goldberg.

A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Goldberg learned many business lessons from his parents. “They taught me to expect roadblocks and to assume that with hard work, success was inevitable,” he said.

One such roadblock came when Green Leaf was not awarded a license to conduct cannabis business in Pennsylvania during the first round of licensing. Green Leaf Medical, especially Goldberg, and the entire Bedford County economic development community, were sorely disappointed. Green Leaf’s first bid missed by a mere three points out of a thousand points of evaluation.

“We were heartbroken when the awards were made and we narrowly missed the license,” said Goldberg.

The company worked diligently on its application in the second round of licensing.  The efforts paid off.  Green Leaf was awarded the #1 ranked license in the South-Central region.

Construction at the Saxton site is now underway, and the company will begin the hiring during the first quarter 2019.

According to Goldberg, the company is dedicated to a secure facility as well as committed to being a productive, responsible member of the community. “We are hoping to revive the underlying sense of pride I see throughout the county,” Goldberg remarked.