PA Small Business Assistance Grant Program is Now Open Through July 14th. Find Application Tips Here. 

Bedford County Businesses interested in applying for the grant need to apply online through The Progress Fund at

 We have learned some technical glitches occurred with the rollout.  The technical staff running the PA Statewide website application are fixing issues as you read this.  In the interim, here are some tips from the Progress Fund:

  1. Use the Google Chrome browser, it seems to have the least issues
  2. Some people are having trouble finding the “Application Certification” which is a mandatory document you must read, then sign and upload.  We agree, the location of is not intuitive to find.  Please look for the form on the landing page for the application, where you first started the NEW APPLICATION.  Link to that page:  That’s where the big purple “Apply NOW” button is located…look on the right side of that page in the QUALIFICATIONS box. Look in the bottom left corner of that box to find a link to the “Application Certification” form.  Print it, read it, sign it, upload it.
  3. Some of the required upload documents might not apply to you.  Our advice is for you is to take out a piece of paper, write on it the following: “This does not apply to my business.”  Scan that into a PDF and upload that statement.
  4. If you don’t have a website, that’s not a problem just put:
  5. If you got kicked out of the application and didn’t get a password to get back in, you are not alone.  Please call us and give us your name as you used in the application and we will report the issue to the website manager.  724-216-9160 and press 6
  6. Applications being accepted through July 14th. This is not a first-come-first-serve program.