marsh Joins BCDA Team

Bedford – The Bedford County Development Association (BCDA) has announced the selection of Jennifer Marsh to fill the vacant role of vice president, effective Sept. 20.

            Marsh, who previously spent 11 years in health care administration with Meritus Health, the largest health system in western Maryland, was chosen from among approximately 50 applicants after a six-month search.

            “I’m excited to dive in and begin assisting with the county’s community and economic development efforts. I plan to provide boots on the ground support, paving the way for new business while promoting growth and expansion to existing businesses,” said Marsh.

            Since joining BCDA, Marsh has begun reaching out to business leaders, elected officials, local non-profits, and regional economic development agencies – partnerships that are vital to successful economic development.

            “BCDA has a lot of irons in the fire, and I look forward to assisting with the current projects and working with aspiring entrepreneurs to help transform their vision to reality,” she said. Marsh will also be supporting BCDA’s efforts in a wide range of areas including marketing, financing, development of business parks and business centers, workforce development and networking.

            Marsh and her husband, Brian Stratta, recently moved to Bedford from Waynesboro.

“I’ve always enjoyed Bedford County, and now to be able to call it home is pretty spectacular,” she said. “We appreciate all of the recreational activities, the beautiful mountain landscape and the top-notch food scene. Everybody has been very friendly and welcoming, and the way this community rallies together makes it something I want to be a part of.”