Blue Knob All Seasons Resort – Blue Knob Resort faces competition from “unexpected” places

Skiers enjoy the slopes at Blue Knob All Seasons Resort
Skiers enjoy the slopes at Blue Knob All Seasons Resort

For Blue Knob Resort, competition comes from many quarters. Its biggest competitor is the weather. No snow and warm temperatures means tough sledding for the resort.

“The vast majority of Blue Knob’s revenue is generated during the winter months,” said Scott Bender, business advisor to the ownership group. “That’s why the Resort continues to invest in improvements to the snow-making system to assure consistent and reliable snow coverage and conditions.”

Additional lakes and ponds have been built for increased water storage. “We have added more automated snow making guns,” Bender stated. “They adjust production as temperatures and humidity fluctuate.”

Skiing can be an expensive activity, Bender explained. “That’s why we make every effort to offer affordable rates, season passes and programs for families and everyone else.”

Competition with other ski resorts is only one challenge facing Blue Knob Resort.

Bender welcomes many challenges. “Competition keeps everyone on their toes,” he said. “We meet competitors by promoting our unique attributes. For example, we have the highest skiable mountain and steepest vertical drop in the state of Pennsylvania. We also meet and work with our competitors to offer their season pass holders attractively priced and discounted rates.”

Blue Knob also deals with the fact that only 5 percent of the population skis. “That’s why we offer discounted and free learn-to-ski opportunities and have rebuilt a new and larger snow tubing facility,” Bender said.

The new ownership group — which acquired Blue Knob Resort last July 1 — immediately purchased 17 new snow making machines.

“Currently under renovation is the Black Bear restaurant,” Bender said. Previously renovated were the lodge, the Clubhouse Restaurant and Conference Center.

To keep customers coming to the resort, the staff offers a wide variety of activities, including golf, during the summer months. Many events are also offered.