FRA Research Campus Master Plan

Bedford County Development Association Announces Acquisition of 9-acres in Everett Business Park by Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC

Everett, PA – The Bedford County Development Association (BCDA) is pleased to announce the acquisition of nine (9) acres in the Everett Business Park by Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC (FRA) for the establishment of a Research and Development Campus. The site will include research, testing and training facilities.

FRA, founded in 2011, is a leader in fire and risk engineering, providing services that include fire protection engineering, risk assessment studies, applied research & development, and fire modeling. The company’s engineers and scientists work with clients throughout the world. Customers include NASA, Exelon, Tesla, Google, Amazon, and many others. FRA staff are professionally licensed in 47 states with offices in CA, IL, MD, NY, GA, and Toronto.

The new campus will not only house cutting-edge research facilities but also feature a dedicated training center. This center will cater to fire service companies and technical groups, providing comprehensive training programs to equip professionals with the latest knowledge and skills essential for addressing the unique challenges associated with battery energy storage systems, EVs, and emerging fire safety hazards.

“We are excited to announce this collaboration between BCDA and Fire & Risk Alliance,” stated FRA’s Chief Operating Officer, Noah Ryder, PhD, PE, MBA. “This strategic acquisition represents a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing fire safety within rapidly evolving industries. Our goal is to establish a world-class facility that not only conducts groundbreaking applied research but also serves as a hub for education and training, ensuring the highest safety standards across these transformative sectors.”

“We are delighted to welcome Fire & Risk Alliance to our business community,” said Jeff Crist, BCDA Chair. “Their decision to establish a Research and Development Campus in Everett underscores our region’s attractiveness for leading-edge enterprises and adds another world-class business to our roster of local employers. We look forward to supporting the company’s establishment and growth in Bedford County.”

The design and permitting is currently underway with plans to commence construction in 2024.