BCDA Announces Mission Critical Solutions Manufacturing Expansion

Bedford PA– The Bedford County Development Association (BCDA) is pleased to announce a major expansion of Mission Critical Solutions’ (MCS) manufacturing operations to the current LB Foster grid deck production facility. Located on Weber Lane in Bedford Township, this expansion marks a significant step forward in the growth and development of Bedford’s manufacturing community.

“The expansion to Weber Lane marks an exciting chapter in our journey at MCS. We extend our gratitude to our team whose hard work and dedication have made this expansion possible,” said Bob McGowan, President and CEO of MCS. This expansion will double the footprint of manufacturing capacity and will create new job opportunities, underscoring the company’s dedication to investing in the local workforce and fostering economic prosperity. “We also want to express our appreciation to our loyal customers and partners. Their continued support and trust have been the driving force behind our growth and success,” noted McGowan.

Opening its doors in 2008, MCS recently celebrated 15 years of growth. A premier production level and prototype metal manufacturer and CNC machine shop, MCS works with the defense, transportation, energy, mining, and rail industries. The company specializes in the manufacturing of all metal parts and assemblies from conception through production, creating innovative solutions for its customers.

“BCDA is excited to support the expansion of MCS,” said Dr. Sherry Cain, BCDA Chair. “It’s always a great feeling when Bedford County welcomes a new business to the region. It’s especially wonderful when an existing business expands and grows. This continued growth of MCS is a testament to Bob McGowan and his team. The company embodies a corporate culture that values and nurtures its employees and understands the value of partnerships.”

“We are enthusiastic about the opportunities this new manufacturing space presents and the positive impact it will have on our operations and the Bedford County community we serve,” noted McGowan.

“MCS’ commitment to growth and innovation aligns with the economic development goals of Bedford County,” said Bette Slayton, President and CEO of BCDA. “The expanded manufacturing operations will contribute to the local economy, solidifying Bedford County’s reputation as a hub for high-tech manufacturing. The continued growth of manufacturing is part of the reason Bedford County recently led the state in GDP growth for this sector.”

A formal ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled to take place this summer.