Senator Bob Casey Secures $350,000 Grand for Bedford County Development Association’s Small Business Development Project

Bedford County, PA – Senator Bob Casey recently announced the successful securing of a $350,000 grant for the Bedford County Development Association’s (BCDA) Small Business Development Project. This significant funding will bolster BCDA’s efforts to support small businesses in the region through comprehensive entrepreneurial training and technical assistance program.

BCDA’s Small Business Development Project aims to address the unique challenges faced by small businesses and foster their growth and sustainability. By providing tailored training programs and targeted technical assistance, BCDA seeks to equip local entrepreneurs with the skills and resources necessary to thrive.

Jeff Crist, Chair of BCDA, expressed his gratitude for Senator Casey’s support, stating, “This grant will enable us to expand our efforts to provide essential resources and guidance to small businesses, paving the way for their success and contributing to the economic vitality of Bedford County.”

“Any small business owner will tell you that their businesses are more than just their jobs; many have spent everything they have – money, time, and energy – to make their dream a reality,” said U.S. Senator Bob Casey. “I delivered this grant because small businesses are the lifeblood of our rural communities, and we need to do everything we can to ensure their success. This training program will not only grow their technical know-how, but it will build their confidence as a rural small business owner—a confidence that will power the progress of Bedford County.”

Jen Marsh, who has been actively leading BCDA’s entrepreneurial development efforts, notes “The growth and sustainability of small businesses are important to the well-being of our communities. By understanding emerging trends, and addressing ongoing challenges, we will work together to ensure that our business community remains resilient and vibrant.”

The $350,000 grant represents a significant milestone in BCDA’s mission to foster entrepreneurship and economic development in Bedford County. Through collaborative efforts and working with key partners, BCDA remains committed to building a prosperous future for all residents.

About Senator Bob Casey:

Senator Bob Casey has been a dedicated advocate for Pennsylvania’s communities, working tirelessly to address economic challenges and promote growth opportunities across the state.

About Bedford County Development Association (BCDA):

BCDA is a leading economic development organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and driving economic growth in Bedford County’s rural communities. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative partnerships, BCDA empowers local businesses and enhances the region’s economic vitality.